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Veggie Sheet Carrot

Veggie Sheet Carrot

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 A Simple Product With Simple Ingredients

Each of our Veggie Sheet varieties contain the very same ingredients to ensure that they offer the same great experience with every bite. Made with a vegetable of choice, water, and agar, each veggie sheet is carefully dried to create a delicious crunchy texture that can bend, roll, and so much more.


The Possibilities Are Endless

We’re firm believers that food can be fun and healthy. Not only are our Veggie Sheet varieties fun and healthy, but they can inspire creativity in the kitchen because they offer a world of endless possibilities.

  • Substitute that whole wheat wrap for a veggie sheet!
  • Decorating a plate? Craft a beautiful piece of Origami to top it off!
  • Say goodbye to white bread sandwiches and use a Veggie Sheet or two!
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    Customer Reviews

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    Hrair Mesrobian

    It takes a few trials to find your own way around folding the sheet
    Could be softer for chewing
    Any tricks?