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Environmental & people-friendly sheets, lifechanging for many beneficial for all. 

In first world countries there is a serious problem of food wastage. Did you know that in most of these countries nearly twice as many vegetables are disposed straight from the field as they enter sales circulation

This is mainly because these vegetables are deemed to be ‘non-standard vegetables’ meaning the sizes, shapes are other irrelevant visible faults do not match the wholesalers’ standards. In the UK alone, up to 37,000 tonnes of produce are wasted each year.

Our Veggie Sheets are made of these vegetables which otherwise would have gone to waste for no good reason. The sole ingredients for Veggie Sheets are vegetables & agar. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives are used. All the vegetables’ nutrients & fibres have been compressed into our sheets.  Veggie Sheets has helped cut the down overall wastage of food and has helped changed countless lives of others with our vegan friendly products.