World’s First ‘Festival For Pigs’ Arrives In UK, And It’s Vegan.

World’s First ‘Festival For Pigs’ Arrives In UK, And It’s Vegan.


The Orchard Pig Gig aims to raise more than £50,000 to help give rescue pigs a better quality of life.

There’s a party for pigs, and you’re invited. A unique vegan music festival, called the Orchard Pig Gig, is coming to the UK this weekend. The event is being advertized as the first of its kind worldwide.

Farm animal sanctuary Pigs in the Woods teamed up with vegan cider brand Orchard Pig to bring the concept to life.

The event will take place at the 10-acre sanctuary, located in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Around 20 pigs live on the property, and they will be free to roam the festival grounds and interact with attendees.

Many of the animals were saved from slaughter. For instance, Angel the pig, mother of two pigs who are also at the sanctuary, was rescued from a petting farm. Since the pig family were no longer being used, they were due to be killed.

Another resident, Harry the pig, has been saved from slaughter twice within his first three months of life. Since he was the runt of the litter, he was due to be discarded as waste. And Florence was set to be euthanized by a city farm before she found a home at the sanctuary.


by Jemima Webber


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